The Gayest Publisher of Customisable LGBTQ Greeting Cards, Comics and More.

About Us


We are all unique… But that shouldn’t limit our choices or make us invisible as a consumer. We’re proud to belong to an amazing community of expressive, unique and diverse individuals, which is why we created SCREECHY EGG, to give our community options when choosing a greeting card, or for someone choosing a card for us. The social landscape has changed, never more so with the emergence and recognition of diversity within family units.

With that in mind our cards are out and proud to acknowledging all you same sex dads, mums, grandparents, sons and daughters and everything else in between! And importantly all our cards will depict beautiful human images in all sorts of situations, with faces, not homogenised teddy bears with cute blue or pink noses…

That can only be a good thing. Can’t it?

Screechy Egg

Illustrator and Graphic Designer